General Safety | Bathroom Safety | Environmental Safety


Furniture Layout:

  • Arrange furniture so pathways are not cluttered.
  • Avoid furniture with sharp edges and corners. Pad any sharp edges or corners.
  • Chairs with arm rests and high backs provide more support when sitting and more leverage when getting in and out of a chair.


  • Be sure lighting is adequate to prevent falls. Keep a flashlight handy.
  • Good lighting in hallways, stairs and bathrooms is important.
  • Be sure that lighting is adequate to prevent falls and to assure that medication labels and instructions can be easily read.


  • Keep medicines, supplies and needle containers out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Dispose of expired and unused medications as instructed by your Nurse or Pharmacist.

Sliding Glass Doors:

  • Be sure to place stickers on sliding glass doors to prevent someone from walking into it.
  • Place non-skid treads on wooden stairs to prevent slipping.
  • Be sure carpeting on stairs is secure.
  • Remove the infusion pump from the IV pole to carry it up or down stairs.