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Basic Safety Guidelines for the Home

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These guidelines are provided to help you find potential safety hazards in your home. It is your responsibility to correct any safety hazards that you find.


Canes, crutches, or walkers: Replace worn or cracked rubber tips.

Hospital beds: Lock wheels at all times.

Trapeze: It is not designed to support your full weight. Use it only to assist you in sitting up or to change positions in bed.

Wheelchairs: Always make sure that both wheel locks are on before you attempt to transfer in and out of your chair to prevent the chair from rolling away and causing possible injury.



  • Remove throw or area rugs whenever possible to avoid tripping.
  • Use rugs with a non-skid backing to avoid slipping.
  • Repair or replace torn carpeting.
  • Avoid waxing wood linoleum floors to prevent slipping.


  • Be sure handrails are well anchored to the wall on both sides of the stairwell.
  • Place non-skid treads on wooden stairs to prevent slipping.
  • Be sure carpeting on stairs is secure.
  • Remove the infusion pump from the IV pole to carry it up or down stairs.

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